Restauration projects

The disclosure of the cartographic structure and historical information concerning the history of the walls of Sabbioneta is part of the “MuraPerTe“ project, financed with the contribution from the Region of Lombardy within the 2018 framework for the enhancement of UNESCO sites (LR 25/2016). Its aim is to redevelop the wall circuit, with particular focus on the recovery of a first section of the summit walkways at the Bresciani ramparts and the bastion of San Giovanni.

The project is being developed alongside another called the “Single Plan of the Walls”, and is financed with the contribution from Fondazione Cariplo [Cariplo Foundation] within the framework of the PCI [Program of Capital Investment] “MuraNet. The walls are not walls“. Its aim is the creation of an overall master plan for the use of the wall circuit at the base and in the ramparts.

These projects are a follow-up to a series of works that over time the City of Sabbioneta has undertaken for the protection and enhancement of the wall circuit. In this section a photographic review that documents the main works performed is accessible, which attests to the constant and prolonged commitment shown by the Municipality of Sabbioneta toward the protection and redevelopment of its historical heritage.